Talk to your doctor if you feel or see any skin changes

They will advise and, if required, recommend the right treatment to meet your needs in partnership with you.


When you visit your doctor, prepare yourself with as much information as you can about solar keratosis (SK). Having an open and informed discussion will help you get the most out of your appointment.


Download a simple guide to your skin check appointment with your doctor.

Diagnosed with solar keratosis in the past? Keep checking your skin for new changes and sign up to QualityCare from LEO Pharma.

What treatments are available?

There are several different treatment options for SK. These include treatments that are applied directly to the skin, such as gels or creams, which you can apply yourself at home, as well as procedures that either burn, freeze or surgically remove the affected patch.

Treatments can either directly target one SK patch (lesion-specific treatment) or target a wider area of skin that may contain multiple patches or lesions (field treatment).